Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Agenda Updates for Lansing Day of .Net

The following changes have been made to Saturday's schedule:

Timeslot Changes
Tim Golisch's session on The Entity Framework has been moved from 8:30a to 3:30p.
Josh Holmes's session on Distilling the DLR has been moved from 3:30p to 8:30a.

Philip Japikse's session on TDD in C# has been moved from 1:00p to 9:45a.
Joe Kunk's session on LINQ for SQL has been moved from 9:45a to 1:00p.

Topic Changes
Alan Stevens's session has changed:
Introduction to Test Driven Development With the ASP.NET MVC Framework
In this session, we will introduce the ASP.NET MVC Framework (MVC Framework) architecture and development style. One of the core requirements for the design of the MVC Framework is to enable effective Test Driven Development. We'll introduce the core principles and practices of Test Driven Development (TDD). Because this is an introductory talk, we will limit our demonstration of TDD to exclude mock objects and dependency injection frameworks. This talk will focus on understanding the concepts behind the MVC Framework architecture and the practice of TDD.

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